Turning table

Co-Std-PlateformePT2 AFFICHEURLED_Bouton_devis_g

Lambert-Jouty proposes a broad range of turning tables which make possible to optimize the operations of welding, assembly and control while improving safety, the ergonomics and the productivity of the working station.

Characteristics of the Lambert-Jouty turning table :

    – rotation of the table until the infinite
    – capacities from 1 T to 250 T 
    – overall length reduced facilitating integration
    – adaptable speed ranges according to the layout of parts to work

Our turning tables can be equipped with :
    – a central way
    – special tables or arms
    – control speed
    – an interface for semi-automatic applications
    – etc

We can also study and build adapted specific turning tables to your needs. All our equipments are produced in our workshops of the Grenoble area.

Turning table
type PT
Co-Std-PlateformePT2 Up to 250t Co-Std-PlateformePT4