Column & boom

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Lambert-Jouty proposes a broad range of column & booms which make possible the automation the welding, grinding or pre-heating operations, with the possibility of controlling them with a turning rollers or any other positioning equipment.

Characteristics of column & booms (PS type) :
    – load capacity from the boom end from 75 to 600 kg 
    – fixed or rotating
column to work on various stations
    – fixed or mobile
base plate on rails to add an additional axis 
    – movement with constant or adjustable
speed on each axis

Our column & booms can be equipped with : 
    – cables chains for welding 
    – multiple or off-set control unit 
    – front and back
anti-collision shutters on the mobile base plate,

We can also study and build specific column & booms adapted to your needs, in particular of the large-sized column & booms and heavy capacities as well as welding gantries

All our equipments are produced in our workshops of the Grenoble area


Welding column & boom 
PS type


Up to 10 x 7.5 m