Lambert-Jouty proposes a broad range of carriages which make possible to optimize the handling operations in the workshop :
    – transfer of workpieces in the same span while passing under a crane.
    – transfer of workpieces between various spans of a workshop
    – transfer of workpices in part of workshop without means of handling

Characteristics of the carriages (CT type) :
    – capacities from 5 to 160 t 
    – motorized or not 
    – overall length reduced facilitating integration

Our carriages can be equipped with :
wooden flooring
    – front and back
anti-collision shutters
    – pneumatic motorization for ATEX applications (painting, shot-blasting, etc)
    – complementary tools or functions (hydraulic jacks, rotary table etc) 

We can also design and build specific carriages adapted to your needs. All our equipments are produced in our workshops of the Grenoble area.


Transfer carriage 
CT type
Co-Std-ChariotsCT1 Up to 160t Co-Std-ChariotsCT2
  no-motorized, asynchronous
battery or pneumatic