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Lambert-Jouty proposes a broad range of positioners which make it possible to optimize the operations of welding, assembly and control while increasing safety, the ergonomics and the productivity of the working station :

Conventional positioners type P :
    – tilting of the face plate from 0° to 135°
    – capacities from 650 kg to 160 t

Positioners with the 3rd axis hydraulic (PH type) for operations of assembly or welding requiring a height adaptation of work :
    – adjustable height axis with the use of a hydraulic cylinder (about 600 mm of travel, according to versions)
    – capacities of 1,25 to 6,3 t

Square positioners (PL type) for operations requiring a maximum accessibility :
    – tilting of the plate from 0° to 360°
    – capacity of tilting increased compared to the conventional positioner 
    – possibility of modifying the height of work 
    – capacities from 650 kg to 10 t

Cradle positioners (PM type) for heavy and wide workpieces :
    – tilting of the plate from 0° to 360°
    – higher load capacity with the help of the two supports
    – optimization of the torque with the help of the axis offset
    – possibility of an adjustable height axis according to the loads
    – capacities from 5 to 250 t

Our positioners can be equipped with :
    – special face plates,
    – controls pedals to release the hands of the operator
    – control speed for parts with important unbalanced weight
    – an interface for semi-automatic applications
    – an adjustable tilting speed
    – heights of axis adapted to your applications 
    – etc 

We can also study and build adapted specific positioners to your needs. All our equipments are produced in our workshops of the Grenoble area.

P type


2 axes 
up to 160t


3 axes 
up to 16t


PL type 
2 axes 
up to 10t


PLE type 
3 axes 
up to 10t


PM type 
2 axes 
up to 250t


PME type 
3 axes 
up to 40t