Co-Std-ManipM1 AFFICHEURLED_Bouton_devis_g

Lambert-Jouty proposes a broad range of manipulators or heads and tail-stocks which make possible to optimize the operations of welding, assembly and control while improving safety, the ergonomics and the productivity of the working station :

– manipulators with fixed height (M type) :
    – rotation of the table infinite or limited by switches according to the applications
    – capacities from 1,25 to 160 t per support, that means from 2,5 to 320 t for a tandem use
    – usable alone (overhanging work) or tandem (
head and tail-stock)

– manipulators with adjustable height (ME type) for the operations of assembly or welding requiring
  a height adaptation of work or a reversal of big sizes
parts :
adjustable axis height with the help of an up and down cable system (travel until 2500 mm according to versions)
    – capacities from 2,5 to 25 t per headstock, that means from 5 to 50 t for
head and tail-stock use
    – avoid the installation of table or scaffolding so that the operator is at the right height of work
    – safety reinforced with detection of overload, isoleveling adjusting in real time the
      height on the two headstocks, programable axis height to authorize rotation which can be
      parameterized in order to avoid collisions with the ground, detection of “slackness
      of cable” which stops the descent if the parts get in contact with the floor or
      another external elements, lifting by cable makes it possible to pose the part without

Our manipulators can be equipped with :
    – a headstock assembled on rails to accept parts of various lengths 
    – specific face plates 
adapted to parts
    – control speed to adapt and stabilize the parts of large-sized which can have important
      unbalanced weight
    – an interface for semi-automatic applications
    – etc 

We can also study and build adapted specific manipulators to your needs. All our equipments are produced in our workshops of the Grenoble area.


M type
1 axis
Co-Std-ManipM1 Up to 320t 
between dolls
ME type 
2 axes
Co-Std-ManipME2  Up to 50t 
between dolls